The IRS Crisis is Declared “Over”

“Our tax system is, in short, utterly impossible, utterly unjust and completely counter-productive. It’s earned a rebellion, and it’s time we rebelled.” – Ronald Reagan

Something changed this week. Did you hear it? Do you see what happened in Washington? As the drumbeat of the American people to “abolish the IRS” became louder and louder, the political class realized their prized political tool might actually be in jeopardy.

The “IRS scandal” was dandy as long as it was just another juicy Washington scandal. Remember never let a good crisis go to waste when there is a good photo opportunity, hearing, press conference or fundraising opportunity to be had!

With the IRS, it went a little too far during one hearing and now the mainstream media and Washington’s elite appear to be banding together to assure the American people “the crisis is over.” Never mind we still have no accountability.

“The crisis is over” is code for “we need to get back to status quo.” No harm, no foul – right? Wrong!

The American people aren’t buying it. They are the ones who have lived with the IRS nightmare for 100 years including the threats, abuse, political terrorization and grotesque mismanagement. Didn’t you hear? Now, you get to pay for $70 million in IRS union bonuses at a time when the IRS is operating under mandatory furloughs!

So, what can we do?

Folks, when you flood a Congressional office with phone calls it has more power than all the paid lobbyist in Washington. Recently, a former Congressman told me how the citizens of this nation have no real understanding of the power they hold to effect change. He lamented, Members dismiss lobbyist because they are essentially paid staff, but constituents “determine whether you get to stay in Washington or go to the unemployment line.”

In case you missed that – YOU determine who stays and who goes – not the Washington elite.

Did you know that one man is credited with establishing the 18th Amendment? Another example of how citizens have the power to change the course of history; a power they have yet to fully realize. If one man can establish a constitutional amendment, imagine what would happen if one million citizens called their elected representatives in the next seven days and said, “100 years is enough– EndTheIRS now.”

You have power – use it. Tell everyone you know how to contact his or her Representatives. Send an email to your entire contact list, post a challenge on your Facebook page and tweet, tweet, tweet. Tell the nation “100 years is enough – EndtheIRS Now!”

3 thoughts on “The IRS Crisis is Declared “Over”

  1. William

    Now is our golden opportunity with the IRS scandals breaking daily. Call or visit your representative weekly. For starters ask them to defund the IRS so they don’t have the power to target any political group. conservative or liberal. Also let them know you do not want the IRS to have any involvement in your health care. Then tell them to sponsor and vote for either the H.R. 25 or S.122 Fair Tax bills.

  2. George

    Need lots of bumper stickers along with letters and phone calls to politicians!

    Bumper sticker: Disarm politicians – Abolish the IRS


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